Slides to communicate the benefits of data governance to key health stakeholders

This slide deck has been created to support non-technical leaders to break down and convey key concepts relating to health data governance.

The slides are broken down into three sections:

Accessing data

Provides an overview of the role of data governance in increasing access to data within health data ecosystems. It offers practical guidance on how to implement a data governance framework and enlists the support of actors to build and demonstrate trust in access to health data.

Using data

Provides guidance on how to ensure data is usable, including real life case studies that illustrate how good data governance practices can support data interoperability across systems, countries and borders

Sharing data

Provides guidance on considering the legal and social norms related to sharing data across different jurisdictions. It also includes practical guidance to support decisions on how to share data, how to avoid harmful impacts to personal data and the types of agreements and licences available to share data.

The full slide deck is available here

You can use the full slide deck or choose to use particular sections that support you in conveying the appropriate key messages.

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