Play ten: Sharing health data: data agreements and technologies

Purpose of this play

As a project leader, you will need to share data with partners outside your organisation. When preparing data to share with external partners, it is important to have an agreement in place that defines the terms of data sharing. Technology can also help facilitate data sharing and compliance with these terms. This play will help you to:

  • understand common types of agreement for sharing data

  • decide which type of agreement is most suitable in different data sharing scenarios

  • consider the role of technology in facilitating data sharing and access.

Who should read this play

  • Non-technical leaders with strategic responsibilities who are working on a healthcare project that involves sharing health data with external partners.

  • Data project leaders, data managers and data partners who are managing health data collection, use, analysis and sharing projects.

When to use this play

  • When you need to share data with third parties (for example project partners, governments).

  • When you are clear on the purpose for sharing data and have considered potential risks from sharing data.

Please note that this guidance is not legal advice and if you are uncertain, you should seek support from a legal professional.

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