Play eight: Managing risks when handling personal data

This approach has been validated as being useful for the agriculture sector. The steps and content have been drawn from, and were inspired by, content authored by CAB International and the Open Data Institute to help Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grantees access, use and share data about people in agriculture projects. See: CABI (2021), Protecting people - managing risk when handling personal data.

Purpose of this play

As a project leader, you may manage a project that involves collecting personal data. This play will help you to maximise the use of data while protecting the rights of individuals. Specifically, this play will help you:

  • recognise personal data in healthcare projects

  • identify where data is suitable for sharing as widely as possible

  • comply with data protection and data rights legislation

  • minimise risk by identifying relevant mitigating actions (for example anonymisation).

Who should read this play

  • Non-technical project leaders starting a healthcare project who need to understand how to manage risks when handling personal data and build trust.

  • Health data managers and health system leaders who are responsible for overseeing projects that share personal data.

When to use this play

  • At the beginning of a project that will collect, share and use data.

  • Whenever data is being accessed or shared as part of a project.

  • When you are unsure whether you can share data.

  • When you have concerns over privacy or confidentiality in relation to data.

Please note that this guidance is not legal advice and if you are uncertain, you should seek support from a legal professional.

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