How to enlist support from stakeholders

Build your contacts

  • Try engaging with people working in each of the stakeholder segments in the table above. Do you have contacts in each of the stakeholder segments you need to liaise with?

  • There are many ways to build contacts; from use of social media to joining professional bodies.

Prioritise engagement

  • Which of these stakeholders are relevant for your project? Who do you need to liaise with to review data governance?

  • Which of these stakeholders come from a non-technical background?

  • What are their priority areas at the moment? This might be impacted by their role or their seniority.

  • Does your project need any resources that these stakeholders can help with?

Show how your project supports them with their priorities

  • What are your key messages when communicating the benefits of data governance to each stakeholder group?

  • Does your project help them fulfil their priorities?

  • How will your project help them strengthen existing relationships?

  • Can you create a network and/or hold regular meetings with stakeholders to share information, build relationships and understand each network members’ priorities and goals?

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