Health project partner

Example roles/ organisations

  • Research centre partnership coordinators

  • Patient organisations

  • Health tech leads

Responsibilities in health data governance

  • Collects and acquires data for research, insights and other purposes

  • Calculates cost-benefit analysis and return on investment from access, use and sharing of data

  • Ensures ethical and legal collection, use and sharing of data to avoid harmful impacts

Why data governance matters to them

Data governance will support:

  • the creation of new products and services

  • analysis, insights and decisions informed by data

  • the sharing and reuse of data for research or other uses, while complying with regulations

Key relationships that these stakeholders need to form and manage

Health project partners sometimes report to ethics boards, both internally or industry-wide, on how they collect and share data (eg clinical trial data). They must liaise with potential data users, patient organisations or data subjects to build relationships that enable data sharing and meet compliance requirements.

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