Play three: Roles and responsibilities in health data governance

Purpose of this play

As a project leader, you will need to enlist the support of various stakeholders and others directly responsible for governance of health data across the data ecosystem. This guide will help you to identify stakeholders, understand their priorities and undertake discussions with them to ensure access, use and sharing of data is carried out ethically and appropriately.

Who should read this play

  • Non-technical leaders who are working on a health data project.

  • Non-technical/business leaders who need to work with internal and external stakeholders to access, use and share health data.

  • Those wanting to ensure they are taking a multi-stakeholder approach to health data, with mutual understanding of perspectives and priorities.

When to use this play

  • To support conversations around creation or implementation of organisational data governance frameworks.

  • To support conversations around creating new or updated policies and processes for access, use and sharing of data.

  • When negotiating to ensure projects can access data as needed, and that datasets are built to specific standards, are available for reuse, or can be used to make decisions.

  • When supporting external partners to build their organisational data governance framework.

  • To aid understanding of the priorities and perspectives of stakeholders.

Please note that this guidance is not legal advice and if you are uncertain, you should seek support from a legal professional.

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