Play two: Understanding and mapping health data ecosystems

Purpose of this play

As a project leader, you will need to engage with stakeholders and data assets from across the health data ecosystem, and explain where and how the use of health data creates value. Understanding these value exchanges can help in creating, and building support for, robust data governance frameworks beyond organisational boundaries. This guide will help you map your health data ecosystem and identify the actors, data and value exchanges.

Who should read this play

  • Non-technical leaders with strategic responsibilities who are working on a data project and need to understand actors and data value flows.

  • Stakeholders on healthcare data projects who need to: understand and engage with their health data ecosystem; have conversations with strategic leaders and partners relating to accessing and sharing data; and increase collaboration between projects and organisations.

When to use this play

  • When designing a health data project that will involve accessing, using and sharing data.

  • When there is a need to understand the ecosystem in which health data is accessed, used and shared.

  • When identifying key stakeholders in a health data project and building partnerships, alliances or coalitions.

  • When identifying new opportunities for sharing, using and accessing data.

Please note that this guidance is not legal advice and if you are uncertain, you should seek support from a legal professional.

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