Play five: Demonstrating the value of health data governance: case studies

Purpose of this play

As a project leader, you might need to demonstrate to internal and external partners the valuable outcomes that can come from health data governance, in order to access, share and use data. The following case studies describe key health data governance processes and systems that have been put in place to enable trustworthy data sharing and increase the use of data.

Who should read this play

  • Non-technical leaders who need to demonstrate the value of health data governance.

  • Project leaders who want to share data with others or who want to access and use data from third parties (for example other projects, project partners, private sector, government).

  • Data managers who need to ensure good governance and manage trustworthy relationships.

When to use this play

  • When designing a project that is likely to involve collecting, using or sharing health data.

  • When communicating the value of health data governance to partners.

  • When you need to share data within a data-enabled healthcare system.

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