Play nine: How to set up successful data sharing partnerships

Purpose of this play

As a project leader, you may need to set up partnerships to share data with third parties . This play will help those working on health projects to set up successful data sharing agreements and partnerships. It covers:

  • How data sharing happens in the health sector.

  • Considerations on why, and with whom, you share data.

  • Principles to guide how data is accessed, used and shared.

  • Advice to strengthen relationships with those you share data with.

Who should read this play

  • Project leaders who want to share data with others.

  • Project leaders who want to use data from third parties (for example other projects, project partners, private sector, government).

  • Groups who want to access, use and share health data for research or collaboration.

  • Health system leaders who want to share or make use of data from external sources in new research projects or industry partnerships.

  • Data managers who need to ensure good governance and manage relationships.

When to use this play

  • When designing a project that is likely to involve collecting, using or sharing data.

  • When you need to share data within a data-enabled healthcare system.

  • When building new partnerships, for example in relation to research and innovation.

  • When seeking to create data products that can be monetised or generate social or economic value in other ways.

Please note that this guidance is not legal advice and if you are uncertain, you should seek support from a legal professional.

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