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Secondary use of health data

Explore the ODI's new interactive tool and report – commissioned by Roche – created to compare the policy readiness of countries across Europe for the secondary use of health data, and identify good practice across the region

The pandemic has shown us the value of bringing together population health data from multiple sources. But efforts to share health data across European countries is currently very fragmented. Secondary use of health data can play a crucial role in improving health systems.

‘Secondary use of health data’ means using aggregated health data from population-level sources – such as electronic health records, health insurance claims data and health registry data – to improve personal care planning, medicines development, safety monitoring, research, and policymaking.

The ODI has created a Europe-wide ranking that shows which nations are ready for secondary use of health data. We aim to give health professionals, researchers and policy makers a better understanding of the health data landscape across Europe, so together we can improve the health of future generations.

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