How to assess trustworthiness

How to assess the trustworthiness of your organisation as a steward of data

The ‘How to assess trustworthiness’ section (this section) is a good place to start, regardless of your ultimate trust-related goal. Even if you are primarily interested in building trust and trustworthiness, this section is still a good place to start since the tools and resources it contains can help provide a more complete picture of the steps you are currently taking to be trustworthy, thereby helping to identify areas for improvement. Similarly, if you are primarily interested in demonstrating your trust and trustworthiness, the 'How to assess trustworthiness' section is a useful place to start because, to demonstrate your trustworthiness, it helps to first document the ways in which you are in fact trustworthy. This section outlines three activities for assessing trustworthiness. We recommend you proceed through them in order.

Activities in this section:

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