Who is this guidebook for?

The Smart Data Innovation Guidebook can be useful for any organisation or group involved in developing or participating in Smart Data schemes, or interested in investigating the development of Smart Data schemes further. However, the following audiences have been identified as the primary audiences, and can benefit from this tool in the following ways:

For government and regulators:

  • Understand the data infrastructure which can help catalyse smart data innovation in various industries, sectors or regions, and see how this has been developed and implemented in other spaces.

  • Use the Innovation Programme Inventory as a one-stop repository of innovation programme case studies, including deep dives into particularly successful ones, to learn from what has worked and what hasn't in the innovation initiatives that are already live or have ended.

  • Tap into existing knowledge of key activities to promote the development of smart data initiatives, whether the ecosystem is being built, grown, or is ready to evolve further.

For data providers in private and third sectors:

  • Learn more about the data infrastructure that can be built, whether that's data assets, technologies or standards, to help boost smart data innovation in a particular organisation or sector.

  • Gain inspiration from other organisations in the Innovation Programme Inventory, to understand how organisations can benefit from leading or participating in smart data innovation.

  • Understand where a sector is along the smart data journey, and the types of activities to be expected from government or regulators.

For industry bodies and trade associations:

  • Explore different types of data infrastructure to build that could help promote smart data innovation in a sector, and learn how development could be encouraged by the central positions of industry bodies and trade associations.

  • Use the Innovation Programme Inventory to learn from previous initiatives, which could help create value from innovation in smart data in other sectors.

  • Understand how to engage along the smart data journey, the types of activities to be expected from government or regulators, and how their role within a sector may evolve.

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