Modernising Energy Data

In the energy sector, data is key to unlocking system and consumer benefits and managing the transition to a low carbon economy. With energy increasingly decentralised, millions of assets – solar panels, batteries, electric vehicle charge points and heat pumps – will need to be able to communicate with the operators of our networks, market platforms and each other. New business models will emerge that will reduce consumer bills and system costs whilst driving decarbonisation.

The government, Ofgem and Innovate UK commissioned the Energy Data Taskforce to develop a digital and data strategy for the sector. The Taskforce provided five recommendations, endorsed by the government and Ofgem, which focused on data visibility, infrastructure and asset visibility, operational optimisation, open markets and agile regulation.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Ofgem and Innovate UK have formed a new group, Modernising Energy Data, to work collaboratively with industry and other parts of government and the public sector to implement the vision set out by the Energy Data Taskforce.

Modernising Energy Data funded the Open Energy initiative, a use case developed by the Open Energy team is shown in the data ecosystem map below:

Modernising Energy Data Access competition

Modernising Energy Data Access is a competition to support projects that use data with the aim to enable a decarbonised, decentralised and digitised energy future.

Description: In response to the Energy Data Taskforce report, the competition challenges innovators to modernise access to energy data for the benefit of society. It offers funding and support to help the successful organisations to test and deliver their solutions.

Owner: Ofgem, BEIS, UKRI

Sector: Energy

Duration: 2020 -

Cost: £1.9M

Modernising Energy Data Applications

While the Modernising Energy Data Access competition focused on strengthening data architecture, the Modernising Energy Data Applications competition focuses on the development of data applications that address the needs of users and developers of local energy systems.

Description: Modernising Energy Data Applications is a competition to develop data applications that address the challenges faced by organisations and individuals to deliver net zero local energy systems.

Owner: Ofgem, BEIS, UKRI

Sector: Energy

Duration: 2020 -


  • Modernising Energy Data Applications - £3.5M

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