Smart Data can be a powerful tool to deliver meaningful financial and social benefits to people in the UK. Besides the financial value it has been estimated to unlock, we are seeing opportunities to help people in vulnerable circumstances, to get people more digitally empowered to use data about them, and to leverage this data for wider social and environmental benefits.

As of early 2022, Smart Data is still at the beginning of the journey. Open Banking has helped paved the way for data portability initiatives to flourish, innovate and create value, but a robust, cross-sectoral model is still some ways away. We see this guidebook as a living tool to document the journey and update its guidance along the way.

We hope the Smart Data Innovation Guidebook was helpful in providing insights into what data infrastructure you could build or maintain, in inspiring an innovation programme you could roll out, and in informing you about the wider Smart Data ecosystem.

The next steps involve government, regulators, industry and others working together to develop further pilots, innovation programmes and research to continue to build and grow the Smart Data ecosystem. Get in touch with BEIS, ODI, CDEI and the wider Smart Data community to see how you can be part of this initiative.

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